Webinar Recording: Accessing The European Aerospace Market

We held a successful webinar on the 22nd of May, which was put together in partnership with the US Commercial Service. Titled “Accessing The European Aerospace Market and Its Supply Chain:, the webinar included guest speaker and former Head of Prourement for Airbus Engineering, Steve Hoskins.

A recording of the webinar is available below. It includes an overview of the European Aerospace market, discusses how it has evolved in some detail and gives insight on the best strategies in order to penetrate the market if you are an overseas business. Additionally the webinar includes a Farnborough Airshow briefing.

You can also download a PDF presentation for the webinar visuals here.

Webinar Participants:

Guy Hobday – Business & Marketing Director, Westworld Consulting
Steve Hoskins – Former Head of Engineering Procurement, Airbus
Robbie Robinson – CEO & President, Westworld Associates
PJ Menner – Aerospace & Defense Specialist, United States Commercial Service (London, England)
James Bledsoe – International Trade Specialist, United States Commercial Service (Arkansas, USA)