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Representing and Promoting Your Interests in Europe

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Europe Aerospace SalesIt’s pretty easy for multinational businesses to win new work and further their interests abroad. Most have the luxury of well-established offices to promote and represent their organisations day-to-day. If you represent a Small Medium Enterprise (SME), things can be a little more difficult.

At Westworld Consulting our focus is on helping businesses based outside of Europe to establish or grow their presence within Europe – in a flexible and cost effective way. If you’re a business this can mean anything from acting as your European business development partner through to our one-off consultancy services. We can provide professional representation, undertake market research or even set up new offices.

For trade organisations or international embassies, we can give information and advice to members, plan and assist at trade shows and expos and arrange industry speakers for events.

Find out more about how we can help by exploring our European business development and consultancy services.